What is Fazat.com………….?

Fazat.com is a Dorictionary, an online dictionary for the Doric dialect spoken in the north-east of Scotland.  Doric is still widely spoken but as with all local dialects it is slowly being diluted by changing demographics, education and use of the internet.  As a Doric speaker this site is my attempt to document as much of the Doric dialect as I possibly can.

The site contains A-Z pages which list the meanings of Doric words and gives examples of how they are used, this is by no means a complete list and Fazat.com will always be a work in progress.  In time we hope to add Doric stories, poetry or prose to the site.  The site also has a forum where you can contribute suggestions, corrections or just discuss Doric, check it out here.

As the Doric dialect varies throughout the region the accuracy of spellings or meanings given on Fazat.com may not be accurate in the opinions of all.

You’ll also find photos of the Buchan area dotted throughout the site, the area where the Doric dialect is most widely spoken and where so much Doric writings and song originated.  There are also short info pages about different towns and villages in Aberdeenshire.

If you have any suggestions for this site I’m listening and would also be happy to receive photos, stories or poems for use on the site so  long as they’re the contributors own.